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Standard User dethadol
(regular) Tue 15-Mar-11 11:52:13
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Sync woes

[link to this post]
My line used to be rock steady, always sync'ing at 8128 with a BRAS of 7150.

Unfortunately a lightning strike on 4th of February wreaked havoc killing the phone service altogether and severely compromising the ADSL service. BT eventually repaired the line but it is now far less stable and resyncs at varying rates, usually less than 8128, and I get correspondingly lower BRAS rates (sync history shown below)

If I get a low sync rate is it a good idea to reboot the router, hoping that I will resync at a higher rate, or does this just make the situation worse?

Today 00:24:34 6816K adsl6000 6000K
Yesterday 12:44:47 7392K adsl6500 6500K
6 Mar 00:15:00 8128K adsl7150 7150K
17 Feb 21:13:49 6816K adsl6000 6000K
11 Feb 14:33:35 6240K adsl5500 5500K
11 Feb 11:53:19 4000K adsl3500 3500K
9 Feb 21:11:32 7392K adsl6500 6500K
9 Feb 21:07:51 6816K adsl6000 6000K
9 Feb 17:24:05 7968K adsl7000 7000K
5 Feb 07:06:01 4000K adsl3500 3500K
4 Feb 23:48:58 864K adsl750 750K <<<<<<<<<<<
4 Feb 23:06:24 3424K adsl3000 3000K
4 Feb 22:51:07 2848K adsl2500 2500K
4 Feb 04:26:56 5120K adsl4500 4500K
4 Feb 03:43:44 5696K adsl5000 5000K
24 Jan 10:01:41 8128K adsl7150 7150K
Standard User BatBoy
(legend) Tue 15-Mar-11 11:53:12
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Re: Sync woes

[re: dethadol] [link to this post]
Did you replace your router?

Standard User dethadol
(regular) Tue 15-Mar-11 12:12:56
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Re: Sync woes

[re: BatBoy] [link to this post]
No the router is fine. At first I wasn't sure how much damage had been done and I tried my spare router, but I eventually found that only my surge protector had been damaged and the routers were ok.

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ISP Representative AA_Stuart
(isp) Tue 15-Mar-11 12:53:10
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Re: Sync woes

[re: dethadol] [link to this post]

Have you already reported this to us? If so what is the ticket ref?

If not would you like to pm me the line details and I will look into this for you?


Technical Support
[email protected]
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