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Standard User mr_bean
(learned) Mon 11-Apr-11 18:29:48
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FTTC, line profiles & throughput

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I have shiny new FTTC broadband connection, sync is 39879/10000kbps with a BT line profile of 38717/10000kbps but I'm seeing about 4.2MBps throughput (smidge under 35Mbps) with AAISP.

AAISP tech support say "BT do not allow more than 35Mb through the line on FTTC so this is why it's 35Mb max."

I hadn't heard anything like that and the regulars over in the Fibre Broadband forum haven't either, plus there's no shortage of people with FTTC via other ISPs reporting various speed tester results of >37Mbps.

It is obvious that there is a 35.0M line profile set by AAISP (it's on the broadband management login on clueless) - can I just anyone else who has FTTC with AAISP whether they're getting more than 35Mbps (or more than about 4.2MB/s) if so what does your control page report?

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