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Standard User houseparty
(member) Fri 29-Jul-11 13:00:49
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Well done AAISP and Shaun Kemp of AAISP

[link to this post]
Hi to all, I wanted to let you know about a very long going internet problem I had, which lasted 2 years.
Back in 2009 I started to get major internet problems during work related hours, during the hours of about 8 in the morning and 5 at night I regularly got disconnections, web pages taking ages to load and massive amount of errors being on the line, and the noise margin moving around wildly.
Over the weekend the line was fine, I had no problems at all, then Monday morning the problems would start again, unless it was a bank holiday, when the problems would reappear on a Tuesday morning, instead of a Monday.

My ISP at the time kept getting onto BT, who kept sending out SF1 engineers who in turn kept reporting to BT Openreach this was a rein issue, despite this BT seemed very reluctant to send out a rein engineer, but after 13 visits by standards SF1 engineers, I did see a rein engineer, he picked up the rein no problem, but could detect were the rein was coming from, so left, and I never saw him again, my ISP at that time tried and tried to get him back, but BT were having none of it, and kept putting more and more things and problems, in front of them to deal with.

This kept going on for over a year, so reluctantly I decided enough was enough and moved to another ISP.

After a few hours I got my mac code from my old supplier and filled in the form on the AAISP website, after 7 days the migration was completed, but still the old issues were there, which was to be expected.

I then contacted AASIP support and spoke to someone about this problem, I told them I was getting the same issues as when I was with my ISP, and I was hoping they could get BT to do something about my rein issue.

I then spoke to Shaun Kemp at AAISP; I spoke with Shane for about 20 mins telling him all about the problems with my broadband.
Within a matter of a week, BT were at my door, another standard SF1 engineer, the engineer could see the errors on the line snr moving around etc. again he said it was a rein issue.

Within 2 weeks of his visit Shaun had managed to get a rein engineer out to my home called Trevor, this was a different rein guy to the first one I had seen, Trevor could detect rein on his meter, but couldnít trace where it was coming from, he tried his very best for me, but decided to would leave, and would return later in the week.

To be honest at that stage I thought I would never see him again, but to Trevorís credit he did come back and again still could hear the rein but was unable to trace where it was coming from.

During this time Shaun at AAISP kept in contact with me, and kept putting pressure on BT to get this sorted, Trevor also did what he could as well.
Last Thursday Shaun had arranged for Trevor and 2 other guys from Openreach to come here with some different test gear, the rein issue was found and completely cured, it was being caused by some person working from home, something on his P.C had gone faulty, and was transmitting rein all over our estate.

I didnít know at the time but other homes on the estate where affected like I was these customers couldnít even get there ISPs to raise this issue, let alone cure it.
I would like to publicly thank Shaun Kemp at AAISP, Trevor the rein guy from Openreach for getting to the bottom of this fault, now after 2 years I can use my internet during working hours.

AAISP have been great, they took on a known problem when I moved to them, kept on at BT until this was sorted, and kept in touch throughout.

AAISP have a great track record of dealing with suborn faults like this, and itís richly deserved, my advice is if you have a problem and no one else can help, give the AAISP team a go, they were great throughout.
Standard User ARD
(knowledge is power) Sun 31-Jul-11 17:23:27
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Re: Well done AAISP and Shaun Kemp of AAISP

[re: houseparty] [link to this post]
Thanks for sharing your story. REIN is a demon that no many ISPs would approach. That AAISP in tandem with BT cracked it on the head is to their immense credit. They really are the No 1 ISP as I discovered when I migrated in April. Enjoy! smile
Standard User hhmb
(newbie) Sun 31-Jul-11 18:56:26
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Re: Well done AAISP and Shaun Kemp of AAISP

[re: ARD] [link to this post]
I would just like to add my twopenny worth to this. I have been with AAISP since 2002 and do not begrudge a penny of the of the few quid more a month that I pay than I would pay to any of the "high street" ISPs. Two or three years ago, I had a similar problem with disconnections, wildly fluctuating sync speeds, etc. Thanks to the persistence of James at AAISP BT eventually did a shift and lift at the exchange and the problem vanished. In the meantime, they provided me with dial-up-access free of charge. It is comforting to know that if problems arise, there are real people on the end of the line who actually understand what is involved in providing an ADSL service.

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Standard User lenaspell
(committed) Sun 31-Jul-11 20:57:04
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Re: Well done AAISP and Shaun Kemp of AAISP

[re: houseparty] [link to this post]
A really interesting case study which just goes to show how important it is to have the right back-up support rather than being fobbed off.

A great credit to AAISP and to Shaun and Trevor the Rein engineer. Well done to all concerned smile

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Standard User houseparty
(member) Wed 03-Aug-11 18:00:50
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Re: Well done AAISP and Shaun Kemp of AAISP

[re: hhmb] [link to this post]
yes, rein can be a real pain, i think after 2 years im finally free, its over a week now of no problems.

Ive had my upload speed capped, which was giving me a little grief other than that, no problems at all.

thanks again to all at AAISP.
Standard User Chrysalis
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 06-Aug-11 00:05:34
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Re: Well done AAISP and Shaun Kemp of AAISP

[re: houseparty] [link to this post]
It can be a pain but most of the pain seems to be the customer side trying to get it fixed rather than the BT side, it seems once openreach were pushed properly (credit to aaisp) it didnt take them too long to fix, so your 2 years was mostly hassling your old isp to get callouts.
Standard User ukhardy07
(member) Sat 06-Aug-11 01:21:44
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Re: Well done AAISP and Shaun Kemp of AAISP

[re: houseparty] [link to this post]
I had a similar issue a few years ago in a different property.

Sky did a lift and shift, new line from the pole, fitted an RF3 filter, prefiltered faceplate (even though I had no extensions), new e side or d side (whichever from the cab to the exchnage). Still had the issues.

My SNR was jumping around.

What did sky do... Well they held their hands up and said "we can't provide you a service."

End of the day more ISPs need to be like AAISP

EDIT: Sky did say they were going to send out a REIN engineer.

They called me back the following day saying the department had never sent a REIN engineer out before and informed me they couldn't provide a service...

Quite shocking really. I guess many other customers have been told to basically go elsewhere.

Edited by ukhardy07 (Sat 06-Aug-11 01:25:22)

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