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Standard User Lazza
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 13-Aug-11 06:58:55
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Anybody Know What this Means ??

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Noticed a stuck speed problem on my line yesterday evening just as I was about to go out for the night, got back home and still the same. Awoke this morning and decided to investigate the problem and after a few speed tests it seemed to me like a BRAS profile problem as per when you've just changed ISP etc.

Rebooted the router (Billion 7800N) and still the same so went into my AAISP CP and noticed that under the column:- BT Knowledge Based Diagnostics it said this for a few days ago -

9 Aug 20:02:15 Yesterday 20:02:16 Wait supplier commit 7303055 REGRADE VC COMPLETED COMPLETED 0000-00-00 00:00:00 2011-08-12 12:11:15 [email protected]

9 Aug 20:02:15 Yesterday 20:02:16 Track order 7303055 REGRADE VC COMPLETED COMPLETED 2011-08-10 00:00:00 BT IPStream Max [email protected]


Anybody know what REGRADE VC means? Local exchange upgrade of card/kit isn't it?

It say's work was committed on 9/8/12 but things were running as per norm yesterday morning (12/8/11) and I only noticed it by the evening. Still connecting at the usual speed (7030), profile has not changed and is 6000 & upload speed is max too. As I said, seems like a stuck BRAS profile in behaviour. Anybody? frown

Test result this morning frown

My Broadband Speed Test


Just ran a BT KBD test from my AAISP CP and at the start it stated my profile was now "6500" and also said interleaving was now on where I always have it switched off - after running the test it said:- BRAS Profile adsl2000 and identified a problem so I'm guessing that the "6500" profile is shortly about to be applied. Just a bit confused as to why this would happen several days after the upgrade and not at the time when the line has been running normally. There has been congestion on my hick Village exchange for a while so I'm assuming that the upgrade was at the local exchange.

My Broadband Speed Test

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