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Standard User Guest_Again
(legend) Sun 16-Oct-11 12:07:28
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A&A Speeds

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Hi folks - only me...wink

Was connected to AAISP on Friday on a Be_ line. Ok..

The very next day, I logged into my AA account - I'd apparently downloaded 3GB+ yesterday, and it was a wee bit easy to do.
My hardwired Billion router was pre-configured, so it was so simple to login and start using. Easy. So I got the p/w to login to my MacBook Pro [y/d] so I was ready to start tweaking. Yes! wink

To tweak it had to be done via the Broadband page - Logged in I put my SNR to 3dB (my line can take it), and was getting varied results, which were similar to the speeds on my old Be tests (averaging between 7-9meg and 10meg+. ooo

Anyway - a few more extra tweaks later, I managed to obtain the following:

My Broadband Speed Test

Am I happier? Hmm, I just don't know. It's hard to say... It HAS only been 3 and a bit days old, and I DO have much more tweaking to do. I s'pose. wink

Yeah, and the following just confirms my unrequited LOVE of AAISP.

And they are still to look at my line. YAHOO!!

My Broadband Speed Test

So far, the connection seems to be a lot better, with more to do - The Staff @ A&A are very friendly, and keep you updated, a very professional service, and quite professional.
You seem to get what you pay for - I'll update as and when as always.

Sorted so far! grin


My Broadband Speed Test



Speeds CAN vary though.

Edited by Guest_Again (Sun 16-Oct-11 13:54:09)

Standard User gmoorc
(member) Sun 16-Oct-11 15:18:38
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Re: A&A Speeds

[re: Guest_Again] [link to this post]
Looking good smile

Are you seeing any packet loss now you have moved?
Standard User Guest_Again
(legend) Mon 17-Oct-11 16:40:20
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Re: A&A Speeds

[re: gmoorc] [link to this post]
Thank you. wink

It's all.. A BIT better, and faster.

AA saw the severe package loss on my line - it's under investigation. Thankfully.

Edited by Guest_Again (Mon 17-Oct-11 17:11:47)

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