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Standard User alcook101
(newbie) Fri 11-May-12 15:55:46
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Tricky Problem Solved ...

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I had an increasingly intermittent and slow broadband connection with BT Broadband and it was taking up too much time trying to communicate with the BT Indian call centres for broadband support to try to get the problem fixed. On many occasions they said there wasn’t a problem when there was.

I requested to be put through to a UK support team. Although the BT UK escalation team did what they could - unfortunately they weren’t able to fix the problem and were unreliable in their communication. They failed to ring when they had promised and I sent 4 emails to the support technician and did not get a single reply.

I looked on the internet for the opposite of “BT Broadband” which was a company which had support centres in the UK and also support staff that had an understanding of broadband.

The company Andrews and Arnold kept coming up on my searches on the internet. “We’ll fix your line” was often mentioned and that was exactly what I needed.

Some of the many difficulties in trying to get assistance from BT were that staff were more interested in clearing calls down on their system than actually fixing a customer’s problem. Added to that, on BT systems my broadband connection looked not to have a fault.

Andrews and Arnold assign a case code to a support call and don’t close it until there is a genuine resolution. Their monitoring systems graph the performance of the customer’s broadband connection 24 hours a day. This was helpful as day by day the connection was getting worse and this could be seen on the graphs.

BT Openreach were called out by Andrews and Arnold twice in the first 8 days of switching over to them. On the 8th day the problem was fixed properly.

It was a “tricky fault” and required changing the “D-side” 3 times, changing the pair from the 1st pole to the house and changing the connectors and the pair from the front door to the master socket. In the run up to getting it fixed the support staff handling the case (Steve and Andrew) provided 19 email replies to information I was sending them about the problem.

Whilst many of these emails were acknowledgments communication was an important factor in getting the problem solved. The majority of the communication was via email, (I’d already bought a mobile dongle when the problem was with BT.)

To see the graph of the faulty connection and timeline of resolution go to:-
AAISP Support Graphs

Job done - until the next time the connectors and wires have tarnished, corroded or shorted out!
ISP Representative andrewhearn
(isp) Mon 14-May-12 09:56:30
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Re: Tricky Problem Solved ...

[re: alcook101] [link to this post]
Thanks for the post! We're glad we were able to live up to expectations!

Andrew Hearn
AAISP Technical Support [email protected] 03333 400 999
The above post has been made by an ISP REPRESENTATIVE (although not necessarily the ISP being discussed in the post).
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