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Standard User aquilla
(knowledge is power) Wed 02-Jan-13 19:46:43
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Usage Monitoring

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Evening Guys,

Potential customer here and looking to move to the Home::1 tariff. As this is usage based, I have been browsing the A&A website to see if there is a usage meter which can be integrated within the OS / browser but unfortunately not. frown

When I was with Zen (over 2yr ago), they released clients which allowed the user to keep track of their usage without having to login to a portal.

Is this something A&A offer (and I missed it), or is it something you would consider?

Zen's offering:



Current ISP: Xilo (via Be LLU)
Previous ISP: Zen (for 9 years).
Standard User dspillett
(committed) Thu 03-Jan-13 14:30:09
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Re: Usage Monitoring

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The user control panel on clueless provides a lot of data about bandwidth use on "normal" accounts: I assume that is the case for accounts on the new tariff too. If you want something a little more automatic it is fairly easy to write code that scrapes that interface for data (I have something half written that does just that, I was intending it to draw my nice little graphs but have never found time to finish it).

If you have only one machine that uses the connection then there are many options around that will monitor that machine's network interface, though obviously that is not convenient if you have multiple devices especially of different types.

Current Line: Andrews & Arnold (AAISP) via 80/20 FTTC, getting close to the full rate both ways, joined July 2011, upgraded from 40/10 to 80/20 May 2012.
Previous setup: Be Pro with UploadPlus (ADSL2+, AnnexM), 12ish Mbit down, 1.6 up, happy customer for ~2.5 years.
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