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Standard User dspillett
(committed) Fri 29-Mar-13 13:19:22
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Easter Unit Charging

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I've not seen it announced anywhere (though I'm not overly observant so it might be mentioned in many places I've misssed!) but looking at the use meter on clueless it would appear that today is counted on the holiday rate (the same as the evening/weekend rates). Just thought people might like to know.

Current Line: Andrews & Arnold (AAISP) via 80/20 FTTC, getting close to the full rate both ways, joined July 2011, upgraded from 40/10 to 80/20 May 2012.
Previous setup: Be Pro with UploadPlus (ADSL2+, AnnexM), 12ish Mbit down, 1.6 up, happy customer for ~2.5 years.
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