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Standard User davebruno
(learned) Tue 15-Nov-16 00:53:57
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Sync speeds vs actual?

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Had my line a while now but have been a little too busy to spend time trying to get it going good but after a little messing with it and have got no better and its still a pretty poor connection at the moment.

I'm getting a higher ping than when it first went live even though I still have fast path selected no idea why this would be?
I'm also concerned with the upload rate, I've seen it as low as 200 and highest I've seen is about 400kbps and is not stable, my download rate is around 7meg.

I didn't want to go with fiber so I could control my profile (I game a lot) but tbh at the moment this is unplayable anyway.. please could someone look at my stats and advise, thanks,


Here are my current stats:

MaxDownstreamRate: 9944000
Attenuation: 33.5
DownstreamSNR: 8.5
DownstreamRate: 9799000
MaxUpstreamRate: 867000
UpstreamRate: 627000
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 15-Nov-16 13:08:30
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Re: Sync speeds vs actual?

[re: davebruno] [link to this post]
A sync of 9.79 Mbps at attenuation 33.5 dB is very low for ADSL2+
Suggests you should expect something more in the 11 to 15 Mbps region, the 9dB target margin (which it looks like) is costing you around 1 Mbps.

Upload should generally be a lot more stable on ADSL2+ than download, so if that is showing sync variations then you may have issues with the line or phone wiring in the home.

On the not going to FTTC, controlling the profile may give you a sense of control, but the greater upstream on FTTC means more headroom so that things like voice chat or text chat don't impact on game play latency, or another device on the network doing a short bursty download.

On the BQM what times were you actually using the connection at all? Since on ADSL2+ the impact of your usage is more evident on the BQM.

Some people do get lower latency than 20 ms from VDSL2 and some get higher, so might be worth sharing a town name so people nearby can compare, i.e. while VDSL2 might have lower latency, I'd be expecting the same or possibly better. Plus if there are line issues not down to the home wiring, and you are close to the cabinet going to FTTC may avoid the problem segment of line.

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