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Standard User NJSS
(regular) Thu 01-Dec-16 10:22:44
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10 weeks in with AAISP ***** (5 Star)

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I've been with AAISP for c. 10 weeks now, and could not be more delighted with performance, reliability, service & courtesy.

This morning's typical results

74/75 Mbps down, 18.7 Mbps up & 16 ms latency.

Thanks guys; you are doing a great job.


Standard User 23Prince
(committed) Thu 01-Dec-16 12:03:13
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Re: 10 weeks in with AAISP ***** (5 Star)

[re: NJSS] [link to this post]
Always nice to see - great stuff smile

many people are happy with them. My backup line is about to expire and I am considering moving to them as well.
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