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Standard User DougM
(member) Wed 25-Oct-17 09:51:00
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Would AAISP provide service via the IFNL wholesale network?

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I'm in negotiations to buy a new build property that comes pre-connected to IFNL's wholesale network via FTTP; the homes are not connected to the Openreach infrastructure. Lots of new builds are going this route.

There are 5 residential and 25 business providers using IFNL's infrastructure, with residential typically offering a range of unmetered packages priced based on capped throughput. One of them offers symmetric services for a monthly uplift.

Would AAISP consider providing service via IFNL's wholesale network? Details are here:

Headline speeds are not interesting to me, but FTTP does offer the assurance of a fixed data rate. Similarly I prefer to choose an ISP with a strong reputation and talented technical staff. I'd really like the option to subscribe to SoHo::1 fixed at 80/20 with its 2TB download.

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