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Standard User awontroba
(regular) Wed 13-Dec-17 03:54:47
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Impressed with copper pair for broadband option

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I have migrated a BT FTTC service to AAISP with the copper pair for broadband option.

The FTTC migration has gone well.

AAISP have just taken over the line, which cannot make or receive calls. So I plugged a phone in to see what happened. I heard an announcement that the line was in use(which should help to prevent it being pinched as an idle line), and it then went on to perform a quiet line test. Useful!

Standard User 23Prince
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 13-Dec-17 17:57:49
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Re: Impressed with copper pair for broadband option

[re: awontroba] [link to this post]
Yes it's a brilliant feature smile
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