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Standard User zel
(learned) Mon 05-Mar-18 15:04:25
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line speed drop

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I've been with AA on FTTC since July last year. Give or take, since this line was installled it's synced at ~80/20.

On clueless on 2nd March there are a huge number of entries
Test line called (Q)

The line speed bounced up and down at this time the final switch saying
"2 Mar 20:32:17 Tx rate (adjusted) 78211612 to 25217138 (rx 19999000)

This was followed by numerous more "Test line called (Q)" entries. Then it changed again on Saturday
Saturday 13:24:50 Tx rate (adjusted) 25217138 to 74925962 (rx 19978000)

Load more "Test line called (Q)" entries.Then yesterday a single change
Yesterday 09:43:13 Tx rate (adjusted) 74925962 to 69331425 (rx 19139000)

We're in Glasgow. Is this likely to be a result of the snow last week. Should I expect it to correct itself automatically to 80/20 over the next few days?
Standard User Ixel
(committed) Fri 16-Mar-18 12:55:25
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Re: line speed drop

[re: zel] [link to this post]
'Test line called (Q)' from my experience I believe indicates that your phone was picked up and then automatically called the 'quiet line test' message by AAISP, something that AAISP also use to prevent an Openreach engineer from believing a pair is not active (e.g. no dial tone) and therefore can be taken for a different line.

Hypothesising, unless you were the one picking up the phone (which I assume you weren't) then I would assume it was an engineer that was working on something in your area... possibly a fault on someone's line, and was looking for an inactive pair to swap with.

It may correct itself, depends on the impact (e.g. DLM may have now intervened).

Edited by Ixel (Fri 16-Mar-18 12:56:13)

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