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Standard User Ancient_Mariner
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 18-May-18 10:01:37
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Line Status Reports

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Currently I use a Billion BiPAC 7800N Router and a DrayTek Vigor 130 modem.
Previously an Openreach supplied Huawei HG612 & for a short period an ECI modem.

When I receive the Line Down status report, the reason is usually (Lost Carrier) which I assumed (mistakenly?) to indicate that the link between my modem and the Openreach modem in the FTTC cabinet had failed due to crosstalk/signal to noise, whatever.

However, I am now wondering whether this is 100% true, since should I either switch off the router or indeed remove the RJ45 connecter from the modem, I receive the same Status Report - Lost Carrier.

The reason for my interest being that for some weeks, although luckily quietened down(?) I have been receiving numerous Lost Carrier messages and also affair number of User Request messages.

Initially I blamed the loss of connectivity on the HG612. This was the modem originally supplied by Openreach until being replaced bthe other year y an ECI due to psu failure. They left me the HG612 and on finding that the ECI kept disconnecting, I bought a replacement psu and returned the HG612 back into service. So recently following the loss of service reverted back to the ECI which again failed to keep a connection - or was it the ECI? I went back to the HG612 and no difference. I purchased a DrayTex V130 and whilst it is more stable, I still get a Lost Carrier every day or so.

Unfortunately obtaining stats from the DrayTek is not straightforward, especially since the NTE5, + faceplate filter, modem and router live in our lost space. And to measure would require the RJ45 to be removed and a laptop connected - so another Lost Carrier...

Before I purchase a new router, any suggestions? I must admit that the router is suspect, since recently although I could get to its User Interface, it would not let me navigate around it until I switched off, waited, switched back on again...



Andrews & Arnold FTTC
DrayTek Vigor 2920Vn

Andrews & Arnold Data SIM
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