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Standard User CecilWard
(learned) Sun 17-Jun-18 18:22:29
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Problems with ordering an additional line

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I am an AA customer with three bonded ADSL2 lines.

With any luck I should be getting a fourth DSL line from AA / BTW. I have not heard confirmation of an installation date yet, but I asked for the 20th or 21st preferably pm. Does BTOR do am or pm preferences?

I had a real struggle with the ordering system and got the order wrong. I asked sales to simply do it for me, but they just refused. Couldn’t be bothered or a policy thing. Not good at all. So now I have to try to get them to correct the order, which would not have been needed if they had just done it all for me in the first place.

I can already see the wrong setup in clueless, with a strange duplicate grey entry also showing as [email protected] the same PPPoE login username as it used by my existing first line, Rather worrying,

Also I don't like the fact that the ordering system doesn't really seem to quite understand the process of adding another line. What is the point of asking for the address all over again? You should be able to say at the start that you are an existing customer and that it is an additional line that is to be part of an existing bonded group. Even if it is to be an independent line you ought to be able to lick an existing known site or a new site if you are an existing customer so save all of that typing. It screwed up and refused to accept my wife’s mobile phone number as a valid phone number. It tried to validate username plus password before I had even had the chance to enter a password, so surprise a null password is not valid! It doesn't seem to work with Safari’s auto-fill either. The whole username + password entry thing is a bit strange anyway in web design terms because there is no enter submit or go-for-it button, it just validates fields when it feels like it and I think you have to hit the enter key in a field to proceed. Even though I though I had already told it I was adding a line, later on it came up with a pick-list with two bewildering options ‘new login’ whatever that means or ‘move line/service something <postcode>’ I forget. Anyway not having a clue what they mean I just picked one option at random. I could then see that I had screwed the order up because it came back with an email containing new invalid PPPoE login runes [email protected] plus a new password and that is no good because it clashes with one of my existing PPPoE links. Also I think it has charged me for two more usage units, because it does not seem to understand that if it is an additional line then you do not need any more units. So I also have no idea what was included in the price quoted, + two more usage units or not?

All a bit of a nightmare.

Sales need to help customers out. Especially disabled ones.

The ordering system needs usability testing, it needs to be made rock solid, and made to handle this particular use-case properly. It also to remember existing users’ details such as addresses so that they can be recalled.

I have lost RevK's email address otherwise I would cc it to him.
Standard User CJT
(experienced) Sun 24-Jun-18 13:13:03
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Re: Problems with ordering an additional line

[re: CecilWard] [link to this post]
Have you got anywhere with this ?


On NOW TV Broadband up to 38 Mbps
Standard User CecilWard
(learned) Fri 03-Aug-18 21:41:31
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Re: Problems with ordering an additional line

[re: CJT] [link to this post]
I got it all wrong because I got confused by the ordering site - I am very stupid and full of pain drugs, so hardly the most reliable assessor. I had got a line that was not part of the original bonded set. Staff soon fixed all of that for me.

I have now after a long delay due to BT got BT booked to come in next week to install line #4. I was not in a hurry anyway. Thanks to AA staff for pushing it through.

I asked AA if they would look at a few things in the ordering website. The login process is still unreliable but better than it was. Problems with saved login + passwords in web browser. Also general problems with iOS Safari, I suspect. Needs a staff member or relative with an iPad to do a test order and also try making some changes. Next there are all kinds of usability problems when you are using the units tariff. And adding extra lines should be easier. It also gave me the impression that you were being required to buy extra units. Again could just be my stupidity. Also, I wish it said at every point in the entire website, ordering system included explicitly and in situ whether prices were incorrect or excl VAT - I simply could not work it out.

Some general usability testing with friends and relatives of staff and also with iPad users would be brilliant anyway. Insiders, and I have been in this position, cannot assess software UI of this kind because we know too much and can not unknow it. When I briefly worked as a localisation / internationalisation manager, I had some experience of this. I told our documentation authors that son they would become useless, because they would stop being normal people and would have learned too much from all the geeks around them.

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