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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 16-Jan-05 11:53:59
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Using a router with AOL and other notes

[link to this post]
This is a fairly common question and we have covered it quickly over on see

Although the guide linked to covers the Thomson SpeedTouch 545 it should be appropriate for most other routers.

NOTE: If you have got everything right, and the router says you are connected, but some sites are not working, it is worth looking at changing the MTU value on the computers, to the values 1400 or 1430. has links to a tool called DrTCP that can do this change for you.

The part below was added 1st August 2006
Much has already been said, but it may help other users new to AOL if it's in a list, so here goes.

Using AOL Without Software You Won't be able to:

- Use AOL UK Live Help Chat.
- Detailed billing may not be able, ie checking Internet Usage or AOL Talk Telephone Costs using the link below.
-Use AOL Parental Controls

YOU should be able to do everything else and find ways around the things you can't do, without having to install AOL software

AOL portal same as in software:-

Live American Help Chat:-
or view [Live Chat not available without software]

View/Edits Billing & Accounts detail (ignore $ the bills are in £) :-

AOL Broadband Without Software If you have a router I think you just need to plug in your

AOL Useful Numbers:-

0800 200 6045 AOL Sales Number

0870 320 2020 - AOL Member Desk [charged 7.51p/min from BT landline - Free for AOL Talk users]

01179191100 AOL Helpdesk [unofficial alternative to above number cheaper rate]

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