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Standard User CBD
(newbie) Mon 20-Feb-12 21:49:27
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Help - combining packages

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Ok - here's the story! I have been trying to combine my aol braodband and talk talk telephone into one account for the last 8 months. Each time I think this is sorted - either via aol or via Talktalk - one or other of them cancel the combination and I am back to square one. Can anyone help? I am so frustrated I am considering reporting them both to Ofcom.
Standard User AkAnic
(member) Tue 21-Feb-12 13:30:34
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Re: Help - combining packages

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hello m8,dont know if this will help,but it seems to me you are going to have to leave aol or talk talk 1 or the other..i would leave aol and then get the broadband with calls with talk talk..also t.t are offering fibre broadband
cheers akanic
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