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Standard User morsekid
(newbie) Tue 02-Feb-16 11:25:24
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What Browser Am I Using?

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Hi If this subject has been discussed in previous postings, I apologise. As you may be aware, have not used these forums for a number of years, and have forgot how to search for past subjects.(if it ever existed)

Having been a member in another AOL forum web site, there has been some heated discussions as to what browser AOL Desktop 9.7 uses by default.
All one has to do, (OK, guess everyone probably knows) is using the Desktop search bar, enter "What Browser Am I Using" ? A number of results will appear, some will also advise as to what version of Flash Player you have, and Java, etc . besides the browser.
No doubt it will show Google Chrome 37.....and state that a newer version is available, 'click here'.... don't bother it will not update......Only AOL/TalkTalk can do this.. Cheers
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