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Standard User morsekid
(learned) Wed 20-Dec-17 11:19:31
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AOL Software Expires

[link to this post]
Hi perhaps this email explains the situation better than I can>
Important changes to your AOL Desktop software
Dear michaelg4vec,

In 30 days, we will retire AOL Desktop. Your access to AOL Desktop will be discontinued at that time.

However, don't despair, there are a couple of great options available so you can continue to have access to AOL Mail and other AOL products - please choose at least one before your Desktop software expires:
Access your AOL Mail using a different browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Simply type '' into your browser, log in, and you'll find the latest news, email, all of your contacts and more.
Use the AOL mobile app for a quick, easy way to access AOL Mail on a mobile phone or tablet. Plus, you can quickly check the latest news, weather, trending videos and more all in one place. Learn more about the AOL app here.
Thank you for being a valued customer and we hope you enjoy the new AOL experiences we have created for you.


Brendan Jennings
Senior Vice President, AOL Membership
Standard User 23Prince
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 21-Dec-17 09:55:57
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Re: AOL Software Expires

[re: morsekid] [link to this post]
Back in the day his title meant something - now it's just text on a screen.

What a sad way to kill off one of the most influential eras of the internet.
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