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Standard User time2die
(knowledge is power) Mon 27-Feb-12 19:50:50
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In the Market for a Surround sound system for Televison.

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Our Kef KIT 100 or 200 not sure has now died after 5 years and gone to heaven,Kef are about as much use [customer care] as a ashtray on a motorbike.

After speaking with Kef i was told to ring up a certain number and they would give me a quote based on the serial number and what i described was happening before it eventually died.

Having rang them with the above information i was then told there would be no quote over the phone and because its not in warranty there was no carrier service pick up available and that would be up to me to ship it to them.

Lumping a heavy thing like this and finding the appropriate packaging was bad enough but then they informed me that i had to take the base box apart and remove the main board as thats all they required.

To be honest long gone of the day of the TV/HI-FI repair shops as we seem to now live in a throw it away society.

Anyway went into Bose store today and had a demonstration of a Videowave and was virtually blown away,at the time when we saw the demonstration i thought there must have been about 12 speakers hidden around the room only to find that every sound had come from the television with 16 bose speakers housed in the back.

It was simply stunning but im not really in the market for a new Television as our Samsung 46inch is only 2 years old,saying that to me there was a obvious flaw and that was the price £4000

Not only that at that price and the way technology moves on and a new amazing tv hits the market your stuck with this,not that i think there would be a awful lot around to beat the sound quality but the fact that at £4000 who is going to ditch this and buy another TV bearing in mind that the amazing sound is built into the TV.

So on that note and remembering i have Sky HD, Nintendo Wii,Xbox 360,Playstation 3 and i would like some sort of dock for my iphone and ipod what is a good investment and anyone got any recommendations on a nice looking surround sound system.

Prefer wireless and i prefer the 2 speaker route that i used to have with this Keff,don't want any more cables if i can help it and i certainly don't want 5 speakers all around the front room.

The kef kit 100 replicated 5.1 even though it only had 2 speakers and i it was a good sound until it packed up,the speakers in the Samsung tv are a joke and boy do you notice the difference now when watching stuff.
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