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Standard User Littleseen
(regular) Fri 14-Jun-13 14:47:54
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Web recordings

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I have solved the question of how I can make an audio recording of anything on the web and I don't need a mic either.

Go to Start> Settings> Control Panel> Sound & Audio Devices> Audio> Sound Recording Volume> and put a check mark in the microphone. (Mine was unchecked)

I then use a double-ended lead (both ends are sterio jacks) and enter one end into the mic socket and the other into the headphone socket. This enables you to continue to listening to your web page that you want to record. Open Audio Studio-2 and press the red button until you have finished with what you want to capture, stop & save.

Job done? Not quite. You can open your saved recording, top & tail it, change volume and do any other thing you want from your Audio prog.

Where I went wrong was not having that check-mark. Sorry to cause the ripples but having had a recent stroke I have forgotten things at age 84. Incidentally, I can use the mic for speech by removing the double-link from the pink socket. I also have a splitter in the headphone socket so that I can leave the double-link in place in my Media Hub unit. Thanks for your patience.

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