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Standard User Dualcore
(newbie) Tue 06-May-14 15:31:47
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extending the audio

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I have a windows XP pc and wanted to extend the range that it would receive music in my extension. I wanted 80 feet and doubted that the music would have any strength at this distance.

It does. Seemingly at full strength!

I made a very long pair of two-wire stereo 3.5mm endy pieces so I can now play in the conservatory 80 feet away from the pc using either the normal headphones with seemingly unabated strength --- or I use supplementary loudspeakers with their speakers powered from a 230v powerbrick (now very rare, evervbody gone USB these days), paid £5 for the powerbrick and the two speakers 2ndhand.

This toggles from either the powerbrick working and the normal pc automatically speakers silenced with the pc headphones alive --- or I turn off the powerbrick and it now auto-toggles to normal pc events. I have a so-called "Media Hub" now off the market.

I am very surprised at how strong the strength is. You will now be asking me how I can use 3.5mm stereo leads with ordinary two-conductor wiring......I bought the necessary inexpensive parts from Maplin. Job done

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Standard User mixt
(experienced) Tue 06-May-14 18:17:40
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Re: extending the audio

[re: Dualcore] [link to this post]
Though the signal may be "strong", it is more the signal to noise ratio I would be worried about at these distances. A good test for that is having your system on without playing any music and cranking the volume past 10 on the volume dial. If you hear noise from the speakers, that will be the noise that's getting into your cable run.

You can ofcourse use a shielded cable but at those distances, the only way to garuntee complete noise removal is to use a balanced connection. The circuitry for that is more expensive but on that setup you could crank your speakers and you wouldn't even know you had done it (that's how little noise there would be coming from them). Balanced circuits tend to only occur in high-end/recording studio hardware, specifically for the purpose of sending a signal from the live room to the recording desk.

Anyway, good job none the less! smile

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