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Standard User haggismn
(learned) Thu 02-Feb-12 15:12:51
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Monitoring one IP address from multiple TBB accounts

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Hi there
I currently operate sharing services from a number of home connections and have quality monitors set up for each of those IP addresses. I have a friend who uses one of the home connections who also uses the ping charts to see how his connection is performing. Unfortunately I don't have full access to the router to see, however I was wondering; If we both have the quality monitor set up on the same IP address, will the connection be pinged twice per second, once for each user? Or will it be pinged one time, with the same results available for both users? I am a little concerned as having several people monitoring one IP address may then start impacting on performance, if the former applies.

Thanks for your help
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 02-Feb-12 15:18:11
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Re: Monitoring one IP address from multiple TBB accounts

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The trick would be to host a webpage somewhere where you paste in the Share Live HTML so people can see the live graphs all in one place.

Rather than everyone running their own instance.

For example here is mine

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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