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(Unregistered)Sat 19-May-12 10:15:37
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Usage Allowance Quality Meter

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Thankyou for the Broadband Quality Meter i have been using it this past week to monitor my terrible broadband service with VM.

However i noticed this morning that the only thing running on the computer while i was asleep for 9 hours was the Meter. Just in the background not actually on the webpage.

I looked at the usage from the super hub since i reset them before going to bed and was shocked to see the following

Activity Summary

This area will display a summary of activity since you last reset your Super Hub.

Measurement Period: 0days 9h:14m:16s
Data Downloaded: 63MB
Data Uploaded: 83MB

Now that works out around 7 meg download per hour and just over 9 meg per hour upload.
Surely that cannot be right as the following on the information page says Will this use up my usage allowance?

We only send very small ping packets every second. These are 28 bytes in size, so the total usage from our system would be 2.42MB (megabytes) per day, or on average around 73.63MB (megabytes) per month. Most broadband packages with usage allowances would measure them in Gigabytes (1000MB), so this would represent an insignificant amount in your usage allowance. If in doubt, please contact your service provider.

Is this a fault with the meter or is there a chance someone is using my broadband. ( If it is any help my neighbour signed up with virgin and my connection problems that led me to monitor the broadband started when they had their install.

I have tried working with virgin on this to no avail yet. I would just like to narrow this issue out with what could be going on when i,m not using the computer.

Thanks all.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 19-May-12 15:03:59
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Re: Usage Allowance Quality Meter

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
Our pings are small, but remember there is all the other random traffic on the internet that the router blocks that will be adding up too.

I am also a little confused are you talking about tbbmeter, or

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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(Unregistered)Sun 20-May-12 00:48:22
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Re: Usage Allowance Quality Meter

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Hi Yes that is the meter i have been using.

2nd engineer here in 2 days. Poor lad i know him and he was gutted as he cannot explain it either. He thinks it is a VM overselling the area and now its killing my service.

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