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Standard User HMSTempleGarden
(newbie) Thu 16-Aug-12 08:27:53
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SuperHub resetting itself in the early hours?

[link to this post]

Left my computer on overnight to do some downloading but I notice the red line that states my super hub has switched itself off during the early hours, same happened on Tuesday

anyone else had a similar issue and/or know what is causing it?

ever since I installed the new SH I haven't had much issues he touches wood

ps - does anyone know what the small red line means around 4pm yesterday?
Standard User ukhardy07
(experienced) Sun 26-Aug-12 03:09:11
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Re: SuperHub resetting itself in the early hours?

[re: HMSTempleGarden] [link to this post]
When I had the superhub it used to crash all of the time. I would wake in a morning and find I couldn't access even the wifi. I had to switch it off and on to get it going again...

They then rolled out r30 firmware. Ever since, instead of it crashing it just rebooted. So I didn't manually turned it off and on. It just did it by itself. Probably a reboot once every 2 / 3 days (maybe more).

When it did this it also reset to factory defaults for me.

I left VM but I doubt things have changed. I went through 3 hubs and they all behaved the same.

Some people have had better luck in modem only mode. Although I found even this would reboot every so often.

Edited by ukhardy07 (Sun 26-Aug-12 03:09:43)

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