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Standard User Bellows
(newbie) Sat 13-Oct-12 10:23:12
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DDoS attack

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hi, ive been having problems for months now with my virgin 100Mb connection with quality of service basically to the crapper, my main problem is when i game or try to, i keep getting lag spikes which make me loose connection from teamspeak/ea online/xfire, trying to kill now is just stupid, the kicker is i rent a dedicated server for BFBC2 located in london and server control software tells me ping/latency 65 (better than most closer to server) there abouts but then my voice starts going in TS, connection info says 20% packet loss and rising then all connection i loose or the ping kicker kicks me for having ping/latency over 300. ive showed a friend a few of my ping monitor graphs and he says its normally happening during peek times, by the way couple days ago when on to tech support yet again the guy considers the monitor a DDoS attack and should not use as could be creating my problem even though my problem started way before the use of the monitor. i need help as this matter needs escalating so it bites god in the ass as i'm well peeved with there lame excuses

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 13-Oct-12 11:51:36
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Re: DDoS attack

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The monitor is not a DDOS at all.

We send one 28 byte ping every second, which is smaller than the usual ping to not use lots of peoples data, and the FireBrick device that runs the pings is a well known and trusted system.

Virgin Media has been having problems on one or more of its peering links for a number of days now, i.e. the graph you are seeing is common to them, and it is the only ISP we are seeing this pattern on.

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