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Standard User domslot
(newbie) Thu 27-Jun-13 15:49:25
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HG533 settings to allow TBQM to work

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Hi there

Am having go fast go slow problems with my BB making MMO gaming next to impossible of an evening - hard lag, rubber banding.... ISP is being not that helpful - just keep wanting to send engineers round who find nothing as the issue appears to be intermittent (but occurs always when I want to use BB!).

Saw the Quality Monitor and thought - great - there is something that I might use to collect data to show the problem as it occurs... Maybe?

Anyway set up and got the dreaded red sea... I can get it to work by disabling the firewall in the router - Huawei HG533 - but I don;t really want to do that without understanding implications - which I don't.

I've tried a couple of other firewall settings - Low - allows QM to work, but Standard doesn't. Trouble is I am not sure which of the many settings available is causing the pain. User guide online from Huawei for the router is next to useless as well...

Has anyone got any ideas/experience with this router please?

Standard User domslot
(newbie) Thu 27-Jun-13 16:20:36
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Re: HG533 settings to allow TBQM to work *DELETED*

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Post deleted by domslot
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