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Standard User jamesginzler
(newbie) Thu 24-Oct-13 14:33:01
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Better broadband or router

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We've been getting very intermittent broadband from Talk Talk (again). We get about 9mg download but running the monitor has shown lots of high package losses and even complete stoppage. As you can see below

We're running about 11 computers on a cat 5 cabled network via a switch panel into a netgear DGND 3800 router in a coms cabinet.

Done the usual Talk Talk calls and they say line is fine so can the router not handle the data or do we need bigger broadband (we have been offered fast adsl)

The company is mainly dealing with cloud based cms and uploading occasional 300 pixel images to shopping site. So there is constantly data being updated on screens.

Any ideas.


Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 24-Oct-13 16:14:53
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Re: Better broadband or router

[re: jamesginzler] [link to this post]
Is you have 9 Mbps downloads, you have fast ADSL already. Can you clarify exactly what product TalkTalk have offered you?

The see of blue and yellow is entirely possible from those 11 computers actually using the connection. What you need to do is actually stop every computer from using the connection and see how the BQM behaves at that point in time. Saturating upstream can mean routers give priority to upload packets before responding to the lower priority ICMP stuff.

e.g. overnight the line looks perfectly good, with at a guess a scheduled backup at 2:30am roughly.

The comms cupboard - any mains powered hardware in there apart from the ADSL modem? Or other rf noise devices in the building that might only be used during the day?

If TalkTalk is offering ADSL2+ Annex M then it will probably only help if you had download speeds above 13 Mbps, as a short line is needed to gain better upload speeds.

Andrew Ferguson, [email protected] - formerly known as
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