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Standard User Spitfire400
(newbie) Mon 24-Aug-15 14:37:20
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Anyone make sense of this?

[link to this post]
This is what we see on a regular basis when viewing our Sky Fibre connection. Massive bursts of latency, combined with apparent packet loss. What we do notice is that at times when this is occuring, using ps4s connected by ethernet, the ping increases loads, and gameplay slowdowns occur. The really irregular thing is the graph looks like this sometimes when we are not at home, and no devices are connected.

Can someone please help with explaining what might be happening here, and how do we get openreach to resolve it, after having had problems for last 2 years +.

My Broadband Ping

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of what is causing our connection to look over-stretched to breaking point.

Downstream speeds vary between 32-38.5MBps, depending on how violent DLM feels that week, upstream anywhere between 5& 7MBps.

Router Statistics
System Up Time: 04:55:12
Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collision Pkts Tx b/s Rx b/s Up Time
WAN MER 639270 847754 0 1392797 38493 04:54:32
LAN Up 23464 13806 0 6318 3515 04:55:12
WLAN Up 867753 641214 0 422232 1380694 04:54:52
Broadband Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 33530 kbps 5517 kbps
Line Attenuation 26.2 dB 0.0 dB
Noise Margin 6.1 dB 6.6 dB

Here is another graph just for good measure :

My Broadband Ping

And after just finishing playing Destiny tonight, looks like this :

My Broadband Ping

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