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Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Wed 10-May-17 12:10:30
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Re: BQM Moniter

[re: jaydub] [link to this post]
Ah, that explains why I was so puzzled by
In reply to a post by Robbiecollie:
Seeing as you've posted your IP address your using in that last screen shot, I've taken the liberty of creating a monitor to see if it works.

And so far it doesn't, I'd really expect it to show 6am on there, but it doesn't. It now showing a green trace, but still does not show 6am.

The problem is with TBB and there is nothing else I can do, so please stop inferring the problem is with my software, it isn't.
Apparently referring to a link MrSaffron had supplied.

My broadband basic info/help site - Domains, site and mail hosting - Tsohost.
Connection - AAISP Home::1 80/20. Sync 63086/13719Kbps @ 600m. BQMs - IPv4 & IPv6
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