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Standard User john131
(newbie) Fri 05-Jan-18 21:28:00
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Talktalk vs BT

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Both my neighbour and I get our broadband via the 'copper wire' and both houses are fed from the same telegraph pole. I have used 4 different speed test sites on both of our laptops (mime is the newest and on windows 10) and my download speeds with Talktalk are over 2 Mbps slower than what my neighbour receives with BT
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 05-Jan-18 21:33:55
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Re: Talktalk vs BT

[re: john131] [link to this post]
Entirely possible, as different ADSL2+ providers may run their hardware differently.

You need to look at the modems actual connection speeds, noise margin and attenuation figures if you want to understand it more

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