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Standard User jaydub
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 12-Mar-18 08:49:04
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Is it the modem or router that responds to BQM pings?

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If you are running with a separate modem (or a router in bridge mode) and router, which device is responding to the pings?

I had always assumed the modem. However the ZyXel VMG1312-B10A I am using in bridge mode does not have ICMP enabled for WAN traffic, which I seem to recall was a necessity to get the necessary BQM ping response on my VMG 8924-B10A, when used as a combined modem/router.

My BQM responses have also lost the overnight long grass effect overnight, once I swapped the 8924 (router only) for a Netgear Orbi router.

I suspect I have answered my own question because the above evidence suggests that it has to be the router responding, which somewhat bears low my original assumption!
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 12-Mar-18 09:35:04
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Re: Is it the modem or router that responds to BQM pings?

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The device that has the IP address assigned to an interface, so it will be the device doing the routing functionality.

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