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Standard User Norbee
(newbie) Thu 22-Mar-18 12:08:56
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Cannot create new monitor (wrong postcode)

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Hi, so i wanted to create a monitor for my internet connection, but i am unable to complete the steps as i dont know what am i supposed to write in the "postcode" section, im from EU, specifically czech republic, my postcode is 664 67, but it wont take that as i guess its made for UK postcodes only, even there is writen down its not limited to monitoring uk only, in FAQ. So is there any way i can get it to working? Im getting these packet loss spikes, and extremely affecting my gameplay for example in rust im getting disconnected every 3minutes, for like an hour, and then it works 2 hours with no prob, then i switch to something like starcraft2 and no problem there, i guess tust is more sensitive in terms of lags, i tried to do it thru my router, but i have limit of 50 pings, so i can set the diagnostic for only like 50secs of pinging, wich sucks. Speeds are ok ping is low but the stability of the network is horrible, and the ISP is like a sneaky snake, it's hard to argue with them when i dont have a solid evidence in my hands
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 22-Mar-18 13:29:37
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Re: Cannot create new monitor (wrong postcode)

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Just need a UK postcode, e.g. SW1A 1AA

Whether the service will be of use is difficult to know as the pings will be between London and the Czech Republic and therefore include international routes. Now if you are playing against games servers in the UK then the graph will be very useful, but less so if the servers are more local.

Most ISPs are likely to use the 'international' part as a defence.

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