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Standard User GT1066
(newbie) Thu 10-May-18 20:49:03
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How do I set up a Plusnet 2704N so that it will accept pings

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I seem to be experiencing a lot of drop outs which has stopped me updating my tom tom, in fact it has corrupted all my maps. I want to monitor the quality to complain to Plusnet, but I cannot work out how to configure my router I can find no reference to WAN/Internet port in the advanced settings, can anyone help me with this?
Many thanks Graham
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Thu 10-May-18 23:08:23
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Re: How do I set up a Plusnet 2704N so that it will accept p

[re: GT1066] [link to this post]
It looks like you can't.

See this Community thread.

Oldjim is rarely wrong.

Edit: It looks like the solution is in this Community post. You may need to read around it a little.

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