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Standard User leexgx
(committed) Thu 12-Jul-18 05:31:18
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BQM and RT-AC66U_B1 with asus

[link to this post]
i got a ac66u_B1 router and put my SU3 router into modem mode but it did not seem to correct the ping issues i was having

but on the 11th that changed, the router had stopped working online so logged into it clicked on somthing and it then became unresponsive (before it had it was showing 100% CPU usage on cpu core 2) powered it off and on and now i am getting the below ( router hung and manual restart 11-07-2018) (live) (live)
before the reboot at around 3AM the ping was looking like it was a SU3 it was pinging

that is before and after on that day, the thing is for last month or 2 it has been high peak pinging for all that time why now has it decided show correct ping now (as the SU3 has the ping bug that i thought using modem mode fixed)

question how often does the BQM recheck that the IP address has changed (i am using host name)

its like its been pinging the incorrect IP address for some time (as VQM does not show the host name to IP it's pinging you just have to trust it, and you can use the Resolve button but i only did it after ping went normal so unsure if it was pinging correct IP, they use firebrick and in house server)

is there i way to check past on server logs on my account what ip address its been pinging for last 30 days ? (i assume you can see it from the link posted above unless you need the hostname or my login account)

was hoping it was not somthing like VPNfilter issue but the ping before and after was exactly the same so thought that it was simply the SH3 was still interfering with pings even in modem mode,

going to restart it again now see what it does (live stuff will show packet loss on restart)

Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Thu 12-Jul-18 09:37:29
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Re: BQM and RT-AC66U_B1 with asus *DELETED*

[re: leexgx] [link to this post]
Post deleted by RobertoS
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