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Standard User JohnRS
(newbie) Tue 30-Oct-18 11:04:43
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Broadband Quality & Reliability Monitoring

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My broadband is supplied by BT and I use their home hub. My 70mps down, 20mps up and the bundle of products from them all work for me. However I cannot tell what the quality and reliability is like. ThinkBroadband's package cannot work with this supplier/router. What else is there as software or hardware that's available free or even paid for?

In real-time use perhaps several times a day I seem to lose my broadband and I'd like to monitor as to whether it's my service provider or my wireless around the house that is the problem.

I recall a long time ago there is/was a device or service I could get that sat on the broadband input to my house that monitored it all. Is that still available?

Thank you for any advice.
Standard User pxr5
(regular) Tue 30-Oct-18 11:35:50
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Re: Broadband Quality & Reliability Monitoring

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There is/was a program called routerstats that worked with homehubs I believe.
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