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(newbie) Mon 25-Feb-19 00:33:22
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Two Way Quality Monitoring

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Hi All,

New to the forums, I am an occasional user of your website mainly for the tools that you provide in particular the Broadband Quality Monitoring, which for a free tool is very nicely done. I am an embedded software engineer who like to tinker with networks in my spare time.

I have recently had intermittent, hard to diagnose issues with my broadband. While fire fighting these problems I found your website which provided a wealth of information and tools. I luckily have fixed my issues but have multiple neighbours all complaining of similar issues, dropouts, speed problems etc.

In an effort to build up some patterns and see if we are all suffering from a common cause or if the issues are sporadic I saw the BBQM as an ideal tool but 'as is' missing some key functionality. As it is today I wouldn't think any of my neighbours would manage to setup and use the BBQM. I would like to make some suggestion on a different data collection modes that might make things easier.

Also to suggest some different 'use cases' to drive how data is collected, how the data is displayed and possibly how the data is then consumed I can see the service being invaluable for both users and suppliers if correlations were possible between the data that is collected.

So initially I wanted to open up a discussion around other 'use cases' and if there is a level of interest for adding to the existing BBQM.

Let me know,


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