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Standard User nonstandard
(newbie) Sun 09-Jun-19 23:12:06
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High Latency Issues

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I am suffering from a slow connection and the BQM shows lots of yellow 24/7, is there anything I need to look at or is it an ISP issue?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 10-Jun-19 10:17:16
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Re: High Latency Issues

[re: nonstandard] [link to this post]
1. What type of service and which ISP and what are the connection speeds.
2. Can you confirm that during the night time period when most people sleep that there is nothing switched on and using the connection in the home?

e.g. if this is just an ADSL2+ service then something doing regular uploading may cause the problem and gets much worse during the peak time evening period when you are using the connection yourself.

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