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Standard User mrtcs
(newbie) Thu 20-Aug-20 23:46:32
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BQMs for Virgin Hub 4 and 500Mb or 1G service

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I suffered through (ok, first world problems, I know) the Virgin Media Hub 3 latency spike issue shortly after I was first connected with them, and I managed to get a Hub 2 to replace the Hub 3 initially given to me.

I'm on the 20/200 service and I can get faster speeds now, but that will require either a Hub 3 again or maybe a Hub 4 if they are available.

I'd like to see some BQMs of Hub 3s on current firmware with the 350 or 500 or 1GB services. Ditto for Hub 4.

Any available to see? My service has generally been very good so I'm hesitant to make a change but could use the faster upload speeds. Thanks.
Standard User mrtcs
(newbie) Fri 21-Aug-20 08:59:14
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Re: BQMs for Virgin Hub 4 and 500Mb or 1G service

[re: mrtcs] [link to this post]
Here is my graph:

SH2 20-200 BQM
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