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Standard User bravegril36
(newbie) Sat 27-Mar-21 12:21:45
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Software for monitoring Internet connection Speed/Quality

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Hi, Looking for some software to monitor an Internet connection for speed and quality over time. Doesn't need to be free but don't want to spend thousands either.

Have a customer with a [censored] fiber (!) connection but the ISP (small, local) says it never drops a ping. The performance is seriously bad right at the NID, up to 5% packet loss with a simple ping test, with speeds all over the board. Would like to monitor, test, and log over 30 days and provide a report. Such a tool would be a great thing to have in my arsenal when a client wants a VOIP survey.
Standard User Pheasant
(experienced) Sat 27-Mar-21 12:34:57
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Re: Software for monitoring Internet connection Speed/Qualit

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The familiar pattern (and North Americanisms) is now discernible. Thanks for the spam! (Reported)

My Broadband Speed Test
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