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Standard User publicimage
(newbie) Thu 06-May-10 16:04:06
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Re: BTFON & BTOpenzone on HomeHub2

[re: Pgre] [link to this post]
i have just had the most laughable conversation with some people that BT Broadband allow to reprersent them in an Indian call centre (why wopuld anyone allow their customer interface to become so utterly contemptable?).

i rang them to ask them to disconnect BTFON from my home hub as I had used the forms at the webdite days ago (in an age of opt-in as default BT cynically attempt to get us to opt-in wothout proper consent or consultation). I have been having issues with the Fon hotspot obliterating my wifi signal and traced it back to the hub, went to website where this was confirmed).

The call centre bods absolutely denied this and stated that the signal was from a satelitte transmitter that was picked up by a mast and my wifi devices where sending out probes to the hub tha t was then getting me this signal but the hub wasnt involved and it wasnt transmitting and it wasnt using my electricity etc etc

When I told them the signal was broadcast from my hub he said they dont work like that! i asked him if he had every seen a BT Broaddband home hub and he quickly changed the subject, as he did when O told him the BTFon signal dissappeared when the hub was powered down. if it wasnt on the script he quickly dscarded the information.

So BTBroadband want to use my private residence to broadecast public networks, they want tol use my electricity, they want to use the kit and bandwidth that I am paying for, thry have instructed (or mal informed) their partners to sell me a load of the proverbial in response to my measured and considered concerns and they want to do it GRATIS!

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Standard User m0aur
(regular) Fri 07-May-10 02:02:50
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Re: BTFON & BTOpenzone on HomeHub2

[re: publicimage] [link to this post]
You don't need to phone BT to switch off BT Fon, you do it yourself from within the HomeHub menu. The HomeHub, is usually the property of BT given free to customers.
Having BT Fon switched on enables you UNLIMITED FREE use of the nationwide Fon and Openzone network. Having the Fon channel switched on is a small price to pay.
Don't get me wrong, I am no lover of BT and their high prices, and am switching from them in 4 days time. I also don't like the way the BT Fon signal from the BT HomeHub is far stronger than the Main Wi-Fi signal. It is a fact, that the "Extra" n protocol range on the BT HomeHub is ONLY alailable via the Fon channel. Also, if like us, you run a g protocol device on your network such as a Wi-Fi Internet radio, the whole HomeHub caboodle shuts town to g speeds

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Standard User snork
(newbie) Sat 21-May-11 16:57:23
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Re: BTFON & BTOpenzone on HomeHub2

[re: Simon888] [link to this post]
First of all the Fon service does not affect your own Broadband. If you are using your own encrypted service the Fon service is throttled back to ensure you have priority. Your traffic always goes first and if you are using all the bandwidth for a download the Fon traffic is cut off. Fon use via your router is not charged to you and does not come off your account or usage limits (other than your personal use of Fon use as I mention later).

Secondly you can log multiple users onto your personal Fon account. Freinds and family can log into your Fon on your router when they visit or you can allow someone to use your login name and account at another location; it is not limited to one computer logged in at any time and I have had 5 computer here all logged on togther using my own account. Fon gives you 10,000 minutes of extra use per month of use. That's about 170 hours of unlimited uncapped download access you can get for free.

Thirdlly Fon use is by the minute not by the volume. I use the Fon to download large videos that would otherwise affect my broadband limits. I switch from my normal account to my Fon depending on what i am doing by changing my home wireless networks.

Forthly you can log in on your own router using your Fon account. If you swap between Fon and your normal account you can increase your bandwith fair use limits to over 300Gb.

My FON has uncapped my BT service limits and I download about 30 films per month (25Gb) via Fon on my router without it affecting my 10gb service in any way. I don't even use half my Fon minutes on this and i use about 7Gb of my normal service.

Personally I can't see why you'd want to turn it off.

If you do just do a factory reset on your router and it will be gone instantly.

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Standard User leej365
(newbie) Thu 14-Jul-11 13:13:35
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Re: BTFON & BTOpenzone on HomeHub2

[re: Simon888] [link to this post]
seems there's a lot of angst trying to make these networks legitimaste, using our own hubs for a public service is out of order no matter how much the bt execs argue. here's another thing i'm a little concerned about .. I previously had a pretty good signal, then I noticed the openzone signal was open and thought - r take that off and i get a little less interference and even more signal. Wrong disabling the btopenzone also made the signal drop to my home network by about 10 % -

I wonder if this is a penalty for not supporting the great cause... or maybe BT could market it as ' enable BTOpenzone' and we'll give you a stronger wireless signal in response.

needless to say I wonder if i'm paranoid, but i've heard worse ( microsoft slowing windows down on purpose if firefox was used instead of internet explorer for example)

Anyone good at reverse engineering the hub code ?!!!

good luck all,,, and piece
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