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Standard User mikehunt69
(newbie) Mon 14-Feb-11 22:56:26
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bittorrent throttling

[link to this post]
Just tested on Glasnost:

Your ISP appears to rate limit your BitTorrent downloads. In our tests, downloads using control flows achieved up to 9603 Kbps while downloads using BitTorrent achieved up to 21 Kbps.

* Your ISP appears to rate limit downloads on port 6881. In our tests, downloads on port 6881 achieved up to 9603 Kbps while downloads on port 47540 achieved up to 23 Kbps.

Are they (BT) having a laugh???
Standard User sjr
(knowledge is power) Mon 14-Feb-11 23:10:51
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Re: bittorrent throttling

[re: mikehunt69] [link to this post]
I thought it was common knowledge that BT throttle torrent traffic mercilessly?
Standard User danielowenuk
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 15-Feb-11 10:18:57
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Re: bittorrent throttling

[re: sjr] [link to this post]
What happens if you try it outside of peak hours?

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Standard User shtu
(experienced) Tue 15-Feb-11 11:00:42
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Re: bittorrent throttling

[re: mikehunt69] [link to this post]

5. What is BT's policy on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications?
P2P refers to certain applications that enable files and program sharing between groups of people logged on to a P2P network. Because they use uploads and downloads and are often left running 24/7, they consume significant bandwidth, even when being used by just a small number of customers.

Because a lot of P2P traffic is not time-critical, e.g., downloading and uploading TV programmes or movies for later viewing, we treat P2P traffic differently from time-critical traffic (such as surfing, streaming or internet telephony) and apply speed restrictions to all P2P traffic. We manage these restrictions daily based on the demands on the network, but downstream restrictions will typically be in place 4pm - midnight on weekdays and 9am - midnight on the weekend. Upstream restrictions may be in place at other times.
Standard User geordiekris
(experienced) Wed 16-Feb-11 12:40:07
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Re: bittorrent throttling

[re: danielowenuk] [link to this post]
basically between aprox 3pmand midnightish 7 days a week (these hours do change) its not worth trying to download via p2p or torrents on bt thery trafic shape to keep we heavey useres away during peek period, just do as most fo us do and start your down loads overnight generaly are down by morning.

my name has been changed to save me from more company disciplinary procedures.

whatever i say is my thoughts and not those of the company i work for
Standard User Zoopy
(newbie) Wed 16-Feb-11 13:44:34
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Re: bittorrent throttling

[re: geordiekris] [link to this post]

I'm on BT and download torrents via utorrent (or did).

Yes the speeds drop during peak hours but IMO they don't drop off dramatically I still get around maybe 100 - 200kB off my line and after midnight it hits my limit of 700kB/s.
They did for me downloading.
I was happy with the downloads at peak with BT knowing they throttled as its in the fair usage policy
Standard User Oddball
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 25-Mar-11 17:08:02
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Re: bittorrent throttling

[re: Zoopy] [link to this post]
Trying on my fathers line and can't get past 30k (mostly hovers at around 25k). Tried several reliable torrents that easily break 1mbit. Running uTorrent's inbuilt test shows 30mbit down and 1.6mbit up respectivekly so it's clearly being throttled.

BT sucks. I will NEVER EVER go with them myself no matter what speeds they claim in their ads. I think it's disgusting they advertise 'unlimited' when clearly it is not!

Thankfully I am with Be. But if Be offer FTTC I will make damned sure there are no such limits before changing (currently get 12mbit down and 1.3mbit up).

Rocking at 11-13mbps/1.2-1.4mbps on Be with a 38dB line smile
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