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Standard User glyndavies
(newbie) Mon 21-Feb-11 23:32:46
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House wiring

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As I am distant from the exchange I am anxious to do everything I can to make sure I get the best possible signal. The cable from the pole to the house was renewed a few years ago, and terminates in a junction box. From there to the old style socket (some 7 metres) the wiring must be at least 40 years old, and is covered by layers of paint, but is of course BT property.

From everything I have read here and elsewhere I understand that if the line is still providing an adequate voice signal then BT will only replace the house wiring and install a modern line box if I pay an excessive charge. Is there any way of getting something up-to-date without paying? I would gladly settle for a line box instead of the junction box, and take the house wiring from there myself. I was almost tempted to tap in (I know illegally) to the junction box, but it contains a horrendous bird's nest of tangled wires. And I suppose someone less honest might 'induce' a fault in the house wiring...

I seems a pity that someone who's been a BT customer for over 40 years (and is a shareholder!) can't have wiring of the quality a new customer is given.

Glyn Davies
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