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Standard User Tomsk
(learned) Sat 05-Mar-11 17:12:33
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moving master socket

[link to this post]
I'm currently with Be and thinking of moving to Inifnity (to take advantage of the phone deals)

A bit of history first.
When I moved into this house the master socket was in the hallway. I had it moved to an upstairs bedroom to accomodate my ISDN (on contract from my previous home). The old master socket remained as a normal extension. For a few years a second phone line was added wired from the external junction box. When I first got BB (with Eclipse) the second phone line was disconnected at the exchange (I think) although the wire and socket remain.

Using the extension socket in the hallway I currently get about 10% less speed from Be than using the master directly.

If I get Infinity, will the BT engineer be able to change the hallway socket back to a master? Would I have to pay?

I would rather have the inifinity modem and HH in the hallway and use a powerline network to distribute the BB signal.
Standard User Squirrel
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 05-Mar-11 17:39:41
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Re: moving master socket

[re: Tomsk] [link to this post]
I cannot say what they will do in your case and whether or not they will charge you for it.

All I can offer is my experience, which is exactly the opposite to you. BT moved my master socket, which had an ADSL faceplate from the original ADSL engineer install in 2001, from downstair to upstairs, when they installed VDSL a few weeks ago.

They did not charge me for this.

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