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Standard User UJM
(regular) Wed 16-Mar-11 22:52:44
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BT's Traffic Management Policy on P2P Usage

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1. Is there a specific amount of data that can be transfered over P2P that will then trigger traffic management, if so how much data is allowed over P2P before Traffic Management kicks in ?

or is it that ...

2. All data transferred over P2P during Peak hours is automatically traffic managed, if this is the case, by how much ...
for example on BT Infinity option 2 lets say I get a theoretical 35 Mbit per sec download speed under normal usage and I decide I want to download a file using P2P during peak hours, by how much will my 35 Mbit per sec connection be cut.

thanks in advance for any replies
Standard User geordiekris
(experienced) Thu 17-Mar-11 00:02:53
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Re: BT's Traffic Management Policy on P2P Usage

[re: UJM] [link to this post]
all p2p and torents are throttled during peek periods these are approx 3pm to midnight 7 days

im not on infinity nut if i try and run a torrent i see less than 10kbs during peek periods

my name has been changed to save me from more company disciplinary procedures.

whatever i say is my thoughts and not those of the company i work for
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