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Standard User Simon888
(regular) Thu 12-May-11 00:45:02
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BT Home Hub 2 New Firmware - What changes?

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Hi All,

Is there a place that can tell me what the changes are in the new BT Home Hub 2 firmware that recently came out. There has not been an update for this router in ages and then last week a new version was updated on my router to the version below.

Software version (Type B) Last updated 06/05/11

Ever since this update I have noticed issues. My iPAQ refuses to connect to the WiFi now. I had to plug another WiFi router into the back of the BTHomeBub2 so that I was able to use the device.

Doing remote desktop sessions to another PC that had a fixed IP address failed. Had to set PC to use DHCP for that to work. But yer I found the setting in the router so that the PC always uses that same IP address when the PC connects.

Also noticed they got rid of the API web address and you have to use BTHOMEHUB now. So the device has changed its DNS name for some reason.

I read on the net that IPS providers are not allowed to lock their devices to themselves so that the kit can be "recycled" and used elsewhere. Is this the case with the new firmware?

Been searching on Google to try and find out what this new firmware has done/fixed but just hitting a blank wall.

I wonder if it has fixed the BUG in the port forwarding where by if you set up a new rule in a certain way it fails and then cant do any more mappings even though they display on the screen, they just dont work. That I need to test.

Standard User nelix01
(member) Thu 12-May-11 07:20:51
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Re: BT Home Hub 2 New Firmware - What changes?

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Keep an eye on BT Community Fourms for an answer.

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