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Standard User Bingefeller
(regular) Thu 02-Jun-11 15:55:39
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BT Home Hub 3 Port Forwarding Question

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HI folks,

I posted a thread a while ago about some messages I was having and it turned out that turning off UPnP sorted this out.

So, today I am downloading a torrent and I notice that uTorrent reports my incoming TCP port is working correctly......

Can someone explain how this is happening even though I do not have port forwarding set up for any ports and I have UPnP turned off?
Standard User Tox_Laximus
(member) Fri 03-Jun-11 10:09:22
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Re: BT Home Hub 3 Port Forwarding Question

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That don't seem right, try this to see how good the firewall is ...

Make sure your router is not responding to pings, you should be getting a stealth result if your firewall is good.

EDIT: Are you referring to the tick at the bottom right, that goes on anyway even if ports are closed, on utorrent try options>setup guide (ctrl+G) and run the network test.

My Broadband Speed Test

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