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Standard User Fonzie
(newbie) Sun 25-Sep-11 19:40:51
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Random lag spikes playing warcraft.

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I am hoping someone could help me, I recently changed to BT internet, I can only get the up to 8mb service as Iive in a small village. I changed to them as they have a decent size restriction on usage and as there are 2 teenagers and myself using it I was getting huge over usage bills from my last ISP upwards of £50 a month on top of my 26.99 which was unsustainable.

Now to the problem, Since changing ISP to BT while playing WOW I get lag spikes now and again. They are random and sometimes I wont get one for ages then they seem to be every 2 mins for an hour or so. What happens is the action and everyone stops moving then after a few seconds (up to 15) they all leap to a new place and carry on as normal.

I never suffered from any of this with any other ISP and I have been with a few since getting the internet in 2004.

I use the internet wirelessly using the supplied router from BT, I was wondering if due to a lot of bt users around me whether the wireless chanel was the problem but I dont know how to change it.

Anyway can anyone help me or offer any advice please, I only play warcraft as a hobby and its getting really frustrating.

thanks very much

Standard User MrGrumpy
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 26-Sep-11 04:46:16
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Re: Random lag spikes playing warcraft.

[re: Fonzie] [link to this post]
Good chance it is the wireless, however to prove this you would need to connect up by cable and see what the difference makes? As for changing wireless channel it should be possible certainly was on the HH2 unsure about a HH3 but can`t see why not.

I play WoW as well and get the occasional latency issue but its not often.



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Standard User Fonzie
(newbie) Mon 26-Sep-11 08:07:58
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Re: Random lag spikes playing warcraft.

[re: MrGrumpy] [link to this post]
Thanks very much, I will try using a cable then see how it goes fingers crossed it fixes the problem.

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