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Standard User timmys
(learned) Sat 15-Oct-11 12:59:19
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Switching to Infinity questions (master socket queries)

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I thinking about switching to Inifinity (from 02 ADSL2+).

Problem is I don't seem to have a master socket. The situation is;

- House converted into three flats.
- Single phone cable comes in from outside into a BT branded white box in communal hall, out of which three cables come (one to each flat).
- In my flat I have four phone sockets, none of which have the typical master socket faceplate and none of which appear to have a capacitor in.

Lots of questions;
Is it possible that I don't have a master socket?
Will BT fit one for free?
If so do I need to arrange it as a separate visit prior to the Infinity modem installation?
If I have a master socket fitted does it have to be the one closest to the phone cable entry point or can I choose the one most convenient to the modem?

And finally a non-master socket question!;

Migrating from a LLU ADSL product (from O2) to a fibre product do I still ask for a MAC in the normal way or are they not-required/not-applicable for this situation. I can't see MAC codes mentioned anywhere on the BT installation advice stuff. Is the migration from ADSL to fibre smooth as ADSL>ADSL or would there be a break in service? Perhaps both can co-exist so it's just a case of cancelling the ADSL one the Inifity is installed for the smoothest transition?

Sorry for all the questions, your input would be much appreciated.
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sat 15-Oct-11 14:29:58
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Re: Switching to Infinity questions (master socket queries)

[re: timmys] [link to this post]
Can't help re the socket question, but it does of course affect the migration side of things.

Normally, you just migrate in the same way as ADSLx >> ADSLx, so yes - you need a MAC from O2. I went from O2 LLU to IDNet FTTC. There is a short break in service but I don't really remember how long. You did of course have a similar short break when you moved to O2.

Your connection at the PCP (phone) cabinet has to be linked into the FTTC cabinet, and at the exchange at some point you have to be connected to BT kit for the phone instead of O2 kit. That's because on LLU the phone goes through the LLU ISP's DSLAM even if it isn't LLU phone.

Your broadband connection via the FTTC cabinet could end up anywhere, it often isn't even the same exchange as your phone/ADSLx.

As far as I know you cannot have ADSLx and FTTC on the same line.

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Standard User timmys
(learned) Wed 19-Oct-11 18:38:30
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Re: Switching to Infinity questions (master socket queries)

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
Thanks for the info.

Anyone want to help with the master socket questions? smile

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 19-Oct-11 18:50:32
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Re: Switching to Infinity questions (master socket queries)

[re: timmys] [link to this post]
1. yes its possible you don't have a master socket

2. Fit it for free, probably as part of the FTTC install.

3. Generally the one closest to entry point, it can be another location (new wires), but keeping it as short as possible improves speed and makes for better chance to go faster in the future.

4. Can all be done in one visit and even if the engineer insists on the modem being at the first socket, there are solutions, ask them for the data extension kit (if getting things working takes a while they may want to rush off to next job), you can fit this yourself if they run out of time.

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