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Standard User GeoffB
(experienced) Wed 30-Nov-11 08:21:43
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Change password on sub-account

[link to this post]
A family member wants to change their password on a sub-account. I'm the principal account holder, so do I have to do that or can it be done by the sub-account user? We can't find a way to do it from the sub-account.

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Standard User MHC
(legend) Wed 30-Nov-11 10:08:10
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Re: Change password on sub-account

[re: GeoffB] [link to this post]
On my BT account it is a case of login to the secondary account and select manage services, under that is a list:

Review account contact details>
Manage directory listing>
Change password or secret Q&A>
Manage marketing subscriptions from BT>
Connection settings>

Select Change password and it is easy.

Yours may be a residential account - but the capabilities will be there.



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